Serving Wine

From the files of Cork Cuisine

In the world of connoisseurs, there are several rules that are a must for formal wine service. These rules include the following:

  • Use the correct glasses according to the wine served.

  • Use correct table settings.

  • Do not smoke at the table.

  • Decant the wine if sediment is present. This separates the sediment from the wine and aerates it as well.

  • Serve the wine at its proper temperature.

  • Let red wines "breathe."

  • Cut the capsule (the foil just below the lip of the bottle).

  • Uncork the wine properly (do not bend the cork).

  • Pour the cork (about an ounce in a glass). This checks the wine for colour, texture, and taste, and removes any bits of broken cork out of the wine.

  • Pair food and wine to complement each other.

More Wine Etiquette tomorrow!

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You forgot the most important rule:


...unless it's in cans. Heh.

Posted by: Harvey on April 28, 2004 10:45 AM

... or the really good stuff that comes in boxes!

Posted by: Madfish Willie on April 28, 2004 11:07 AM

...and whatever you do, don't drink out of the bottle until your sure everyone's had their share. ; )

Posted by: Key on April 28, 2004 11:59 AM

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