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Harv E Roo: A man climbed over a fence into a field to pick some flowers. He noticed a bull nearby.
Kang A Roo: Say, farmer. Is that bull safe?
Harv E Roo: Well, he's a lot safer than you are right now!

Harv E Roo: A summer visitor asked the farmer how long cows should be milked.
Kang A Roo: "Oh, I reckon about the same as short ones!" the farmer answered.

Harv E Roo: Cow: Why don't you shoo those flies?
Kang A Roo: Bull: I'll let them go barefoot!

Harv E Roo: Did you hear about the farmer who lost control of his tractor in the cow pasture?
Kang A Roo: No! Did he hurt the cows?
Harv E Roo: No, he just grazed them!

Harv E Roo: Did you hear about the snobby cow?
Kang A Roo: She thought she was a cutlet above the rest!

Harv E Roo: Did you hear that Canada sold the U.S. a large herd of bison?
Kang A Roo: Did Canada send the U.S. a buffalo bill?

Harv E Roo: Did you know that I'm a dairy maid at a chocolate factory?
Kang A Roo: That's strange. What do you do?
Harv E Roo: I milk chocolates!

Harv E Roo: Does running out of a burning barn make a cow unusual?
Kang A Roo: No, only medium rare!

Harv E Roo: How did cows feel when the branding iron was invented?
Kang A Roo: They were very impressed!

Harv E Roo: How did that bullfight come out?
Kang A Roo: Oh, it was a toss-up!

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[throws beer bottle]

There! I hope that grazed ya!

Geez. Every time I think you've hit the bottom of the barrel, you just keeeeeep scraping.

Posted by: Harvey on April 14, 2004 09:34 AM

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