Not much in the way of scattershooting this week... been busy helping move all the new MuNuvians set up their MT blogs and move their links and pics and stylesheets. It's not difficult, but it's real time consuming.

So far I've moved Key Issues, A Likely Story, Brain Fertilizer, There's One, Only (in process), Mamamontezz, Educated Beyond Her Intelligence, and there is someone else, but I can't remember... Oh yeah... it's Straight White Guy, who's moving off his current server/host due to some problems. We have so many new and excellent blogs at MuNuviana, it's getting hard to read them and everybody else I want to read everyday...

My new favorite blog is The Commissar! That guy cracks me up.

Hey, I'm flipping around the tube this weekend and I see The Blue Man Group on Direct TV's Freeview. Man... those guys KICK ASS!... a visual kaleidascope, an explosion of colors and textures, a veritable lighting and video extravaganza... if you like drums and percussion instruments, you won't want to miss this... they had four dudes working a colossal bank of drums just kicking ass the whole time... a unique auditory experience... the best part was Annette Strean from Venus Hum singing a cover of Donna Summer's I Feel Love! THAT ROCKED!!!! If you ever get the chance, don't miss the opportunity to experience the phenomenal Blue Man Group.

Check out this article about Google Bombing! Serves Kerry right... take A position... take ANY position... as long as it's only ONE postion. Google Bombs in USA Today... must have been a slow news day?

Kudos to Phil Mickelson on finally winning his first major golf tournament! The Masters, no less. And he's a lefty! Ya gotta like that.

Tiger finished well back... he's in a slump... ha... it looks like the field has caught up to Eldrick and is not letting him phsyche them out anymore... his NIKE equipment is not as good as his old stuff... too many distractions...

I think Helen Hunt is really HOT! [Duh!]

Anybody know anything about installing Radio.Blog. I've followed all the instructions and start to translate my MP3s into their format via their batch file and it keeps crapping out on me. Downloaded and installed it again - same result. WTF? I want to get it running so I can play some music for you... it's Jimmie Spheeris, Isle of View... he's dead now, like so many other young talented musicians that die before their time... anyway, I had this album (yes vinyl!) back in '78 - '80... one of my roommates stole it when he moved out... that fucker... I looked for it on and off for 18 years... at places that sold old music, specialty order houses, internet, everywhere... I finally found it about two years ago... I just wanted to share it with everyone... although I would assume you would have to have a pretty eclectic taste in music to enjoy it... I know Eric would like it. Go check out the Isle of View link and hear some of the samples they have available.

Whatever happened to... Hootie and The Blowfish? Shit, looks like they have something new out... I don't listen to the radio much anymore...

I listen to talk radio... used to hate that shit when I was in high school... our track/football coach wouldn't let us listen to music on the way to and from the Regional Track Meets... those were really boring fucking trips... I ran the mile (4:45 PR) in HS... I was a better 880 man (2:04 PR) but we already had 2 real good 880 guys, one of them ran a sub 2:00 and went to the state meet my Senior year... I won district all three years in the mile and went to Regional. My Junior year I had a hip muscle injury at the end of the year and it was hard to run. My time in the preliminaries would have placed fourth in the final, but I didn't qualify for the finals. My Senior year, I had shin splints (what would be called stress fractures today) all friggin year... the first time I got taped up to run, at the first track meet of the year... coach didnt use pre-wrap... then he laughed his ass off when he got to pull the tape and all the hair off my legs at the end of the days... FUCK!!! that HURT!... had to shave my legs the rest of the year... looked like one of the charachters in a Popeye cartoon with the real hairy forearms and calves... except the other way around! FREAKY looking! I could barely WALK the rest of the season, much less run, and never was able to run to my potential or goals for that year... what a fucking bummer of a year.

My old High School always has a good distance man and great cross country team. Several state champs at the mile/1600 and 3200 and 880/800 and a lot of team championships in cross country. Too bad we didn't have cross country when I was in Hs, we would have won in the next higher class, much less our class. And we would have competed tough at the highest class. We had some really good distance guys.

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Thanks for the kind words. You crack me up too!

Posted by: The Commissar on April 12, 2004 01:12 PM

Thanks, hon. You are truly amazing.

Posted by: Key on April 12, 2004 06:51 PM