Dumb Ass Jokes

To learn the answer to the funny joke, wave your magic wand over Kang A Roo's space! Not that wand, Pervey!

Harv E Roo: Why is a crazy marmalade cat like a biscuit ?
Kang A Roo: They are both ginger nuts !

Harv E Roo: What do you call a cat that has just eaten a whole duck ?
Kang A Roo: A duck filled fatty puss !

Harv E Roo: What kind of cat should you take into the desert ?
Kang A Roo: A first aid kitty !

Harv E Roo: Why do cats chase birds ?
Kang A Roo: For a lark !

Harv E Roo: What do cats read in the morning ?
Kang A Roo: Mewspapers !

Harv E Roo: On what should you mount a statue of your cat ?
Kang A Roo: A caterpillar !

Harv E Roo: How is a cat laying down like a coin ?
Kang A Roo: Because he has his head on one side and his tail on the other !

Harv E Roo: What cat purrs more than any other ?
Kang A Roo: Purrsians !

Harv E Roo: How do you spell mousetrap in just three letters ?
Kang A Roo: C-A-T !

Harv E Roo: What do you get if cross a Tomcat with a Pekingese?
Kang A Roo: A Peking Tom !


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That was cool, huh? I saw that over at Vigilance Matters, but I coudn't make it work like his, so I took the long way around the barn and killed that fucking chicken anyway! Wanna know how Madfish Willie did it?

Posted by: Madfish Willie on April 2, 2004 09:06 PM