Really Big Sigfile Collection

Here is a really cool collection of sigfile headers and Usenet Performance Art.

A nice little poem:

alt dot fucking flame
(with apologies to John Cooper Clarke)

I'm fucking sick of "AnalfaCe"
He's just a waste of fucking space.
That fucking Krapout's fucking shite
Can't fucking spell, can't fucking write.
And fucking Doom's as fucking bad
As he was last year - it's fucking sad.
And fucking Zoos claims fucking spanks
And fucking Biil just fucking wanks.
"I'm fucking rich", "you're fucking poor"
"You racist fuck, I'm fucking sure"
"Your fucking wife's a fucking slag"
"You're fucking gay you fucking fag"
"I fucked your mom, ten fucking bucks"
"Your fucking website fucking sucks"
"It fucking is", "it's fucking not"
Who fucking cares you fucking 'bots?
I might as well just fucking quit,
I'm sick and fucking tired of it.
When every day's the fucking same,
Right here on alt dot fucking flame.

I wanted to do a sample of some cool ASCII art, but it is all in a monospaced font and won't display properly. Go check it out... there are some really talented people that had a lot of time on their hands to create wonderful images using nothing but letters, numbers, and symbols.

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