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Dumb-Ass Jokes told by Harv E Roo to Kang A. Roo

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Harv E Roo: What powerful reptile is found in the Sydney opera house ?
Kang A Roo: The Lizard of Oz !

Harv E Roo: What's the definition of a nervous breakdown ?
Kang A Roo: A chameleon on a tartan rug !

Harv E Roo: How do frogs manage to lay so many eggs ?
Kang A Roo: They sit eggsaminations !

Harv E Roo: What kind of tiles can't you stick on walls ?
Kang A Roo: Reptiles !

Harv E Roo: What do you call a rich frog ?
Kang A Roo: A golf blooded reptile !

Harv E Roo: What do headmasters and bullfrogs have in common ?
Kang A Roo: Both have big heads that consist mostly of mouth !

Harv E Roo: What kind of bull doesn't have horns ?
Kang A Roo: A bullfrog !

Harv E Roo: What jumps up and down in front of a car ?
Kang A Roo: Froglights !

Harv E Roo: Where do frogs keep their money ?
Kang A Roo: In a river bank !

Harv E Roo: What happened when a frog joined the cricket team ?
Kang A Roo: He bowled long hops !


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Instead of "headmasters", shouldn't that be Democrats?

Or possibly Julia Roberts.

Posted by: Harvey on January 22, 2004 12:38 PM