Hippo Dog Lion Sleeps Tonight

Damn... I must be the Google Monster King of the Blogsphere! Internet!

I bet I get 100 google search hits a day... people searching for all kinds of shit... go check out my sitemeter any time and you'll see pages of google and yahoo searches... but there is one in particular search term that I get all kinds of hits on:

Hippo Dog Lion Sleeps Tonight

I have always wondered just what the fuck that same person(s) keeps coming to my site like that... just bookmark it already. Freak!

Well, today I got a comment in an old post that reads:

Okay, The hippo and lion sleeps tonight thing... incase your still wondering you can see what the fuck everyone is searching it for...


It's from a french TV cartoon and is probably the best cga I've ever seen.

I haven't followed the link back yet but if it helps I'll post a link myself to the Hippo Dog Lion Sleeps Tonight for all those people searching for the Hippo Dog Lion Sleeps Tonight video thingy. That way when people enter Hippo Dog Lion Sleeps Tonight in google, I will be #1 search result for Hippo Dog Lion Sleeps Tonight and they can stop searching.

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/me breaks out in spontanous poetry...

Susie Lee done fell in love
She planned to marry Joe
She was so happy about it all
She told her pappy so

Pappy told her Susie gal
You'll have to find another
I'd just as soon your mom don't know
But Joe is your half brother

So Susie puts aside her Joe
And planned to marry Will
But after telling her pappy this
He said "there's trouble still"

You can't marry Will my gal
And please don't tell your mother
But Will and Joe and several mo'
I know is you half brother

But Mama knew and said "my child"
Just do what makes you happy
Marry Will or marry Joe
You ain't no kin to Pappy

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