Jokes by Kang A Roo

Dumb-Ass Jokes told by Kang A. Roo to Harv E Roo

Kang A Roo: What is the sheep's favourite song?
Harv E Roo: I've got plenty of mutton.'

Kang A Roo: What keeps sheep warm at night?
Harv E Roo: Central bleating.

Kang A Roo: What lives under water and bleats at ships?
Harv E Roo: A ewe-boat

Kang A Roo: What sheep is strong enough to hold up the world?
Harv E Roo: Herc-ewe-les.

Kang A Roo: What side of a sheep has the most wool?
Harv E Roo: The outside.

Kang A Roo: Where are newborn lambs kept?
Harv E Roo: In an inc-ewe-bator.

Kang A Roo: Where do London sheep live?
Harv E Roo: Lambeth.

Kang A Roo: Where do Northern sheep come from?
Harv E Roo: Baarnard Castle.

Kang A Roo: Where do sheep get shorn ?
Harv E Roo: At the baa baas !

Kang A Roo: Where do sheep go for their holidays in summer?
Harv E Roo: Baali.


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