Around the Bar...

It looks like the Ulimate Tip Jar is empty tonight. Harvey is cut off - Go drink some coffee.

Evil Glenn is a FREAK!

Venomous Kate links to me today! WOW! Looks likes she's about to throw The Ultimate Tropical Blogging Bash.

Jennifer's Presidential Fun Fact of the Day is Bess Truman.

Jennifer's What Do You Know researches cliches referencing drinking/drunk. She tells us the origins of these timeless beauties!
"Never pet a burning dog!" - My personal favorite
"Hair of the dog that bit you."
"Drunk as a skunk."
"Drunk as Cooter Brown."
"Blind drunk."
"Here's mud in your eye."

Computers out of toner and coffee with cheese? What's up with that?

Frank J declares a new holiday.

Buck the Marine kickin ass in Iraq.

Lord Spatula I is feeding people to the lions...again?

Jim's having luch with G and G has some weird ideas about Spanking the Monkey. I think G just won the Freak of the Week Award!

Michelle's bitch slapping thousands of California

Tom's raising hell about the smoking Nazis, sobriety check-points (illegal, by the way), and lower blood alcohol percentages.

"A wee-mo-wack! A wee-mo-wack! In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!" The Everyday Stranger is singing the closing song from a bar I managed in Dallas - the Safari Bar & Restaurant on the old restaurant row. I used to really like that song...excuse me...while I have a flashback!

Coming Soon:
The Ultimate Salsa Recipe
The Ultimate Queso Recipe
History of Beer
Evil Glenn Filthy Lie
Calling Shotgun


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