Around the Bar...

Looks like Harvey had to beat up some hippies for tip money tonight! As long as it make it into the Tip Jar, I don't care.

I wonder if Blackfive can find a condom that will fit Rocket Jones' wallet. Maybe Homer can help them out.

Wondering how to increase the spoo in your goo? One Fine Jay knows!

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams pens a new Bibleman Action Figure Theme Song.

And he wanted to go camping? Eye On The Left gives us the skinny on some bear lunch rugged outdoorsmen.

Saloon Madfish Cyber Willies? The Evil Pundit of Doom shows us some logo-headed idiots. I wonder if I could hire four of them to walk around together all week...

Kevin at Wizbang issues an advisory: Don't mess with Baba Jallow - he'll whack your pee-pee.

SilverBlue has Prostitute / Protestant mixed up.

LeeAnn's friend, Rachel has an intersting way to end her makle believe stories - when she runs out of plot, she simply kills off everyone in the story. Abruptly.

Jim from Snooze Button Dreams proves you just can't beat the English language.


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