Thursday Happy Hour

Moe's Toast...
"Here's to our wives and lovers,
May they never meet!"

Bart's Call to Moe
Uh, Hugh Jass? Oh, somebody check the men's room for a Hugh Jass!
There is a Hugh Jass at Moe's; he takes the call
Today's Drinking Story Well, this is a fime mess, "I Must Say"

Yogism: "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore."

Things A Man Should Know: About Women:When asked if she looks fat, even if it's the one thousandth time, you must be always at the ready with an immediate, confident "Suuu-eeeeeee!"
That was a joke.

ClueBat Insults: Thou droning, flap-mouthed wagtail!

Movie Madness
Blode 6: Attack of The Uber-Pea!

Dumb-Ass Pig Jokes
A city child came running into the farmhouse. "No wonder that mama pig is so big," she yelled.
A pig's favorite movie:
All our pigs are learning karate.
Oh, I don't believe that
CUSTOMER: Can you make a pig cooler?
CUSTOMER: Can you make a pig shake?
CUSTOMER: How do you make a pig float?
Did you hear about the pig who opened a pawn shop?
Did you hear about the pig who tried to start a hot-air balloon business?
Did you hear about the piglets who wanted to do something special for mother's day?
What did they do?
Did you hear about the pig's vacation?
Did you hear about the pigs who took up motorcycling?
Did you hear of the pig who began hiding garbage In November?

Answers in the Comments
Today's Foreign Language Party Cookie is Italian (click thru for the really good stuff) puttana: whore
merda: shit
pezzo di merda: piece of shit
Cazzo vai via stronzo: Shit, get out of here jerk
bocchno: blow job
che cazzo: you dick
no me interesso un cazzo: I don't give a damn

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