Around the Bar...

Harvey ponies up some Big Bucks for the Tip Jar tonight. Remember: Never put money in your mouth!

No wonder Eric at Straight White Guy don't smoke pot. He follows up with this shocking story.

I've been looking for a DJ over here for Madfish Willie's. I was thinking that SilverBlue might be able to do the job when he submitted this playlist.

SilvereBlue gives an Ode To Stupid People.

Newmanisms has some great Insta-taglines - Indeed!

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams tells us how to communicate with deaf hookers. I'm sure this information will come in handy one of these days.

Phelps at The Everlasting Phelps is a peckerwood!

Newman at Newmansims also gets all Jazzed Up at Scrabble - He is the King of Scrabble, by the way.

Watch out for that kiwi! What the hell, let Don tell you what's happening with that.

SilverBlue wonders: does a bear shit in the woods?

Gut Rumbles is a FREAK!

I don't know about you, but if I pissed on the floor when I was a kid, someone knocked the crap out of me!

Howdy Doody & Rootie Kazootie? - James is getting old.

John at Argghhh!!! has some new porn up from The Imperial Arsenal of Doom - go check it out!


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