Friday Happy Hour

Moe's Toast...
"Here's to the model husband,
Usually somebody elses."

Bart's Call to Moe
Bea O'Problem! Bea O'Problem! Come on, guys, do I have a Bea O'Problem here?
Barney says "You sure do!"'s you, isn't it?
Listen, you. When I get a hold of you, I'm going to use your head for a bucket and paint my house with your brains!
Bart laughs

Today's Drinking Story
Caller 6 - You're On The Air

Yogism: "We made too many wrong mistakes."

Things A Man Should Know: About Women:Love does not mean never having to say you're sorry. It means having to say you're sorry over and over again, in new and different ways, every day, every week, every month, even when you don't want to, every year, until God grants you his mercy and you finally, blissfully die.

ClueBat Insults: Thou craven, toad-spotted maggot-pie!

Movie Madness
Toad Turmoil

Dumb-Ass FarmYard Animal Jokes
What do you call a pig thief ?
What do you get if you cross pigs with a lot of grapes ?
What do you get if you cross a cow with a camel ?
What is the definition of a goose ?
What is the opposite of cock-a doodle-doo ?
What's the best way to keep milk from turning sour ?
Why was the lamb told off for being rude ?
What goes 'peck,bang,peck,bang,peck,bang' ?
What do you get if you cross a pile of mud with a pig ?
How do you take a pig to hospital ?

Today's Foreign Language Party Cookie is Tagalog / Phillipines (click thru for the really good stuff) Wala kang puwet: you are buttless
gago: stupid
tanga: dumbass
inutil: worthless moron
chupa: blowjob

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