Virtual Music

Well, I guess we need to start playing some tunes over here, before everyone goes down the street!

I'm looking for a list of songs to play on our state of the art virtual sound system. After Happy Hour, we'll crank the volumn up to 11 and have a party!

Post a list of 10 or 15 songs on your site, notify me via e-mail sending the permalink to your post, and I'll post your playlist with credit and links back to your site. Then, I'll add your playlist to the Madfish Willie's Master Playlist linked in the sidebar at the top of the page!

Here is a playlist from SilverBlue as a sample for all you aspiring DJs.

1. You Opened My Eyes (1:20 Sample) - Bosson
2. Slow (Radio Transcription) - Kylie
3. I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Hall & Oates
4. Sunrise - Simply Red
5. Hard To Say I'm Sorry - Chicago
6. While You See A Chance - Steve Winwood
7. Toy Soldiers - Markita
8. Million Miles Away - Kim Wilde
9. I Love You Like A Ball & Chain - Eurythmics
10. Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones
11. Walk Away - Donna Summer
12. Heart of Stone - Cher
13. Seasons Change - Expose
14. Fantasy (remix) - BlackBox
15. All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
16. I Still Believe - Harajuku
17. Heaven's What I Feel - Gloria Estefan
18. The Flame - Erin Hamilton
19. How Can Heaven Love Me (Video Mix) - Sarah Brightman & Cris Williamson


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