Your First Drink

Remember the first drink you ever took? (With your parents doesn't count - sneaking out is where it's at!)

How about the first time you got drunk?...

The first bar you were ever in?...

The first bar you ever got thrown out of?...

Madfish Willie remembers all of that stuff! And he wants to hear your stories of "The First Time". Post your stories and send me a link via e-mail and Madfish Willie's will distribute some Drinky Links and he will tell you Tales of The First Time from his own adventures!

He has four tall tales to tell and will tell a tale when he gets some posts to link to!

He is particularly interested in tales from The Corner of The Bar Gang and The Corner of The Bar Babes!!

Maybe we'll even make a contest on who has the funniest tales! If Madfish Willie gets five posts on a particular First Time, we'll post all the links and let the readers decide who was funniest!

What does the winner get? Winner gets to be the featured star of a one of The Continuing Adventures of Madfish Willie stories, with gratuitous linkage and multiple posts!


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