Around the Bar...

Harvey has been saving up his money so he can stuff the Tip Jar properly. He's been doing some weird things in the mean time like running arould with Counterfeiter Carl, Wayne & Garth, and a bunch of Hillbillies! No wonder he has a big wad o' cash stuffed in his back pocket!

Jen had a crazy day yesterday and reminds us the Blackfive interview is to be posted on Friday. You won't want to miss this event!!

Jim from Snooze Button Dreams is convinced that the EU has taken steps to lure Helen back to Sweden.

James at Parkway Rest Stop tries to explain what a blog is to the unitiated. Tough job!

Piss on this guy and his joke

Acidman at Gut Rumbles tells us about his favorite Heavies!

Eric at Straight White Guy knows how to stock a frig... and a freezer... and around a computer! Maybe he should listen to Ernest Hemingway.

SilverBlue issues an all points virus alert! Don't ignore this warning or you may become a victim of a deleted hard drive!!

Ted at Rocket Jones tells a tale about RippleFire.

Don at Anger Managment has "One More Before I Go" and then tells us why Cops Are Stupid!

For Sale: One Slightly Used Camera - contact the Physics Geek!


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