Thursday Happy Hour

Moe's Toast...
"Here's to every man here,
May he be what he thinks himself to be."

Bart's Call to Moe
[Mr. Burns says]
"I'm looking for a Mr. Smithers, first name Wayland"
Oh, so, you're looking for a Mr. Smithers, eh? First name Wayland, is it? Listen to me, you; when I catch you, I'm gonna pull out your eyes and stick 'em down your pants, so you can watch me kick the crap outta you, okay? Then I'm gonna use your tongue to paint my boat!

Today's Drinking Story
Next Stop - First Floor
Yogism"I always thought that record would stand until it was broken."

Things A Man Should Know: About Women:
Men always overestimate the size of their wives' or girlfriends' chests even as they underestimate the size of their wives' or girlfriends' hips.

ClueBat Insults
Thou paunchy, ill-breeding lout!

Movie Madness
Tales of The Blode - Episode 1

Dumb-Ass Skunk Jokes
Did you hear the joke about the skunk?
How many skunks do you need to make a house really smelly?
What do you get if you cross a skunk and a dinosaur?
How can you tell when a skunk is angry?
How can you tell a rabbit from a skunk?
What's a skunk's favourite game in school?
What do you get if you cross a skunk and a boomerang?
What did the forgetful skunk say when the wind changed direction?
What did the baby skunk want to be when he grew up?
What's a skunk's philosophy of life?

Today's Foreign Language Party Cookie is Estonian (click thru for the really good stuff)
kurat, saatan: devil
mine vittu: fuck off
munn: penis
piss/kusi: piss
raisk: rotted

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