Around the Bar...

As Madfish Willie wonders around lost throught the blogosphere in a drunken stupor, he runs across some interesting things:

Harvey at Bad Money breaks into Michael Moore's has to admire his trophy collection. And he Schwings!

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams has concluded the first part of the name the G contest. Go over and vote in the sidebar pool and vote for Moondoggie (my entry)! Remember vote early and vote often.

That damn Ted at Rocket Jones used a fake ID to buy beer! He's barred!

Our bonnie Heather, (a Corner of the Bar Babe) at Angelweave has her eye on a cool bicycle. Personally, I prefer the one with the spokeless tires.

Acidman at Gut Rumbles had a lunch date. The first time I read about it I just glanced at it and thought it said something else. If I told you what I thought it said Acidman would probable hunt me down with a venegence, so we'll just leave it at that. Did he get laid? Did he pay (for lunch)?

Dana, America's #1 Pin Up Girl and a Corner of The Bar Babe, has a worn out finger? Which one and how? Follow the linkage to find out the whole story.

What the hell is a Flirtini? Drinking, Flirting, Mingling! Allana Baroni has the scoop!

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams has a new on-line writing project called The Lady of the Lake and wants his regulat readership to help him out. Sounds like an interesting experiment, go find out what it' all about.

Ross at Rocket Penguin has his list of 100 things up. It's a little short on one end!

Ross also wants to be the next Pope and outlines his program!

Phelps at the Everlasting Phelps tells us why the televison ratings suck. He's right.

We've all heard the asshole morning radio DJs always jacking with people. Phelps tells us about the Upstart Hayseed, who shuts one of em down good.

Tom at Tom's Nap Room tell us the difference between theory and practice from his new digs at munuviana.

Paul at Sanity's Edge invents gunpowder and take an ass-whippin'

Eric at Straight White Guy tells us why arguing with a Scotsman over an egg is not the smartest thing to do.

Venomous Kate is winding her vacation time with her buddy down and posts some pics.


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