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Above and Beyond Last Call
Awards for boozing beyond the call of duty


Tavern Defense Campain Medal

Motto: “That’s my stool.”

The first line of defense against winos, tourists, weekend-warriors and slumming yuppies, the recipients of this medal man the barstools that are the trenches of every pub. With snide remarks, inside jokes and sidelong glares, these hardened veterans tenaciously defend the bar’s television from subversive programming and prevent thirsty strangers from overwhelming the bartender.

[Shit, it would have taken an Army of these fuckers to keep me from being overwhelmed... I was the fastest bartender that ever lived!]

Next Time: Bruised Brain Award

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Hey Bartender, do Matty, Mike, Heather & I get one of these for rescuing your ass from Evil Glenn?

Posted by: Harvey on January 3, 2004 01:10 PM