Jokes by Kang A Roo

Dumb-Ass Jokes told by Kang A. Roo

First Kangaroo: What should you do if you find a snake sleeping in your bed ?
Second Kangaroo: Sleep in the wardrobe !

First Kangaroo: What do you get if you cross a snake and a hotdog ?
Second Kangaroo: A fangfurter !

First Kangaroo: What's a snakes second favourite dance?
Second Kangaroo: The mamba !

First Kangaroo: What did one snake say to another ?
Second Kangaroo: Hiss off !

First Kangaroo: Why did the two boa constrictors get married ?
Second Kangaroo: Because they had a crush on each other !

First Kangaroo: What's the difference between a headmaster and a poisonous snake ?
Second Kangaroo: You can make a pet out of a snake !

First Kangaroo: What kind of snake is useful on your windscreen ?
Second Kangaroo: A viper !

First Kangaroo: Why are snakes hard to fool ?
Second Kangaroo: They have no legs to pull !

First Kangaroo: What's a python's favourite pop group ?
Second Kangaroo: Squeeze !

First Kangaroo: What sort of perfume do snakes prefer?
Second Kangaroo: Poison by Christian Dior !


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