Above and beyond...

Above and Beyond Last Call
Awards for boozing beyond the call of duty


Royal Order of the 86

Motto: “I promise to be good this time.”
Awarded for aggressively assaulting the patience of the most tolerant of bartenders; for never being so sober he can’t get into a scuffle with a blind Buddhist; for testing the headlock proficiency of bouncers the world over. And when the battles are over, these audacious souls still find the courage to walk into bars where their name is the basest of curses and say, “Oh, c’mon! That goddamn Buddhist was eye-fucking me all night!”

[Sounds like something Lord Spatula would say!]

Next Time: Blackout Brigade Medal of Merit

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aka the Matty O'Blackfive Award

Posted by: Harvey on December 31, 2003 09:53 AM