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~Kang A Roo~

First Kangaroo: What dog is a cousin to the Dalmatian?
Second Kangaroo: A spot-weiler!

First Kangaroo: Dad, I spotted a Dalmatian!
Second Kangaroo: No need to, it already has its own spots!

First Kangaroo: What do you call a boring dog?
Second Kangaroo: A dull-mation!

First Kangaroo: What is black and white and red all over?
Second Kangaroo: A Dalmatian with a bad sunburn.

First Kangaroo: What did the hungry Dalmatian say when he had a meal ?
Second Kangaroo: That hit the spots !

First Kangaroo: What kind of dog is a person's best friend?
Second Kangaroo: A palmatian!


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So would that make this Madfish Willie's Cyber Dull-loon?


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