Spnak Frnak

Madfish Willie's one man crusade to have Frank J blogroll every single member of The Alliance is in day #23. I will Spnak Frnak every day on this site. Frnak will receive no linkage except in the ClueBat Insults and Madfish Willie's Daily Cuss Words of the Happy Hour Party.

Today's Spnak Frnak is Penis Cheek I !!1!

Madfish Willie's is the # 1 Google search for Spnak Frnak!

Also the #1, #2, #3, #4 Google search for Spnak!

Also the #4, #5 Google search for Frnak!

I'm thinking that if I say Frnak and Penis Cheeck enough times together that Frnak and Penis Cheek will somehow get to be the #1 Goggle search for Frnak and Penis Cheek, if not then Frnak and Penis Cheek will just have to get used to being just Frnak and Penis Cheek! So here's to Frnak and Penis Cheek! [Damn, I hope Penis Cheek doesn't get mad at Frnak]

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