Ping Slaught!

Please excuse today's ping slaught! I am very sorry for all the pings today.

I've been running my site through an XHTML validator and trying to get rid of any bad coding I have in my index and posts. I'll be working on this tonight till I get it completed, so please bear with me. I have some kind of bug in the Champagne Room entries that I can't figure out and I'm having to use brute force to work it out.

Susie... yeah... I know... I'm a rotten bastard. But I'm trying to get this to where it reads OK for every browser so that means validated XHTML and CSS! That way you Mozilla Monsters can see my site without having to change browsers.

Thank you for understanding that I'm doing this so everyone can see my site the way it is intended to be seen.

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Damn, tell me how to do that. Seems my site actually looks like crap on some people's computers, while many who see it the way it is meant to be seen only think it looks crappy.

Posted by: Tiger on December 8, 2003 07:30 PM

Good Point. Anyways, this was where i met her. You can join for free as well

Posted by: click here on March 12, 2005 03:22 AM