Official Brewmeister

We are proud to announce the addition of The Physics Geek as Madfish Willie's Official Brewmeister.

Mmm... Beer! [drool runs out the side of mouth]

In his first annoucement since taking office, The Physics Geek lays out the brewing schedule for the first batch of Madfish Beer.

The beer in question will be a strong (based on past experience) dunkel weizen. I'm still convincing the chief that I need to brew another batch. She's sympathetic to the needs of my hobby but she hates the smell of boiling wort. I'm looking to brew the weekend of November 8th and bottling the 22nd. Should be ready to drink by mid-December.

We look forward to this very special batch of handcrafted beverage.

Just in time for the holiday drinking festivities!

Update: We need an Official Name for this batch of beer!


by Madfish Willie on October 21 :: Permalink :: Comments (1) :: Beer Stuff


Bottling a week behind schedule. On the plus side, it's dry hopping nicely.

Any ideas for a name yet?

Posted by: physics geek on December 10, 2003 10:34 PM
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