My First Link!

Have you ever won award unexpectedly or read your name in print for something you had done? Remember what that felt like - kinda hard to describe it, but you sure miss the feeling, right?

Well, I was surfing around the blogosphere tonight and all I'm over at Blackfive, The Paratrooper of Love's place and I glance down the page for new posts and there was a post title of New Blogger on the Loose. Well, I started through the post to check out who it was, and hot damn! whatta ya know - he's talking about me! He had posted a tailgate Martini recipe early in the week and being the Professional Mixologist™ that I am, I had to ching-a-ling his recipe out a little.

Matt's Drinking theme for this week really gave me some good ideas for a blog, so I e-mail him some suggestions for his site. Just some goofy stuff off the top of my head. Anyway, he e-mailed me back and suggested I start my own blog - so you can blame Matt for all the abuse about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

Well, I'm gonna go build me a giant Martini (a Blackfive Tailgate Special) and pour it into a big ol' plastic cup while I watch SportsCenter and NFL Prime Time! In the mean time, I'll just be struttin around the room like a banty rooster.

    Vodka Martini
    Two ounces of Vokda (Absolut preferred here).
    Splash of Dry Vermouth.
    Do not pour the vermouth over ice.
    Chill the Martini glass (and only use the classic Martini glass).
    Chill vodka over ice in mixing glass.
    Pour chilled water / ice from Martini glass and dry inside of glass.
    Pour vermouth into Martini glass, swirl, pour out, shake remainer of vermouth from glass.
    Strain vokda into Martini glass.
    Spear three small stuffed olives and drop in glass to marinate.

    When drinking a Martini, take a bit out of olive and a sip of Martini, chew, swirl, swallow.

    The above recipe is from The Professional Mixologist Recipe Guide™

Go Cubbies!

Matt's a Chicago fan, I'm assuming he's from there or lives there now. Is this the year, Matt? They have some damn fine starting pitching and if they can put up a little run support, it could be!


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