OK.. Look how cool this is... watch the banner/logo thingy... press [F5]... presto-chango a new banner/logo thingy! Isn't that the tits!

I like neat little doohickey thingamabob whachamcallit chingaderas!

I'd really like to credit where much credit is really due. Pam from Pamibe did all the banner designs at the top, one at the bottom of the sidebar, the banners on the comments and trackback pages, and the banners on the archive pages. She even re-worked them for me after I gave her the wrong sizes because she didn't like the way they looked stretched out. And didn't complain a single time!

They are simply fantastic looking, don't you think? She also designed the logo for Dana's Bloggers With Boobies cult little group. She sure has a lot of talent for this type of thing.

Over my many years in the nightclub business, I opened 18 locations and had to deal with a bunch of graphic artists. A good 90% of them were complete assholes. They did what they wanted and thought looked good and fuck me, and they will get the work done when the spirit moved them. Well, Pam is as good as the best of them were and better than most. I am really just too impressed with the quality of her designs, the speed at which she did them, and her attitude about the whole project. I cannot thank her enough for what she did.

Well, with so many cool banner/logo thingys, I needed to show them off to both of my regular readers. I remembered that Jeff at BigStick.US has some rotating banners. So, I bribed confered and cajoled and trashed some of his trolls and he sold shared his code with me. He walked me through the install and a sizing issue while we were on an IM session. Presto-chango coding 101! Jeff also has a neat skinning script in his sidebar with some pretty good stylesheets. He even has one as a tribute to Frnak!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you to both of them for helping me out. Now go over to their sites and tell them how cool they are!! Tell them Willie sent ya!

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That F5 thing is so cool...!

The kudos are really so kind, but your appreciation is all the thanks I need.

[Yep, I'm blushing big-time]

Posted by: pam on December 5, 2003 11:48 AM

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