Jokes by Kang A Roo

Dumb-Ass Jokes told by Kang A. Roo

First Kangaroo: What did the spider say when he broke his new web ?
Second Kangaroo: Darn it !

First Kangaroo: What happened when the chef found a daddy long legs in the salad ?
Second Kangaroo: It became a daddy short legs !

First Kangaroo: What do you get if you cross a tarantula with a rose ?
Second Kangaroo: I'm not sure, but I wouldn't try smelling it !

First Kangaroo: Why did the spider buy a car ?
Second Kangaroo: So he could take it out for a spin !

First Kangaroo: What does a spider do when he gets angry ?
Second Kangaroo: He goes up the wall !

First Kangaroo: Why are spiders good swimmers ?
Second Kangaroo: They have webbed feet !

First Kangaroo: What is red and dangerous ?
Second Kangaroo: Strawberry and tarantula jelly !

First Kangaroo: What did the spider say to the fly ?
Second Kangaroo: We're getting married do you want to come to the webbing ?

First Kangaroo: How do you spot a modern spider ?
Second Kangaroo: He doesn't have a web he had a website !

First Kangaroo: What are spiders webs good for ?
Second Kangaroo: Spiders !


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