Tuesday Happy Hour

Madfish's Toast...
"May we have those in our arms
That we love in our hearts."

"If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be."

Quotes on Drinking:
"If all be true that I do think, There are five reasons we should drink: Good wine - a friend - or being dry - Or lest we should be by and by - Or any other reason why." Henry Aldrich

Things A Man Should Know: About Women:
Men always overestimate the size of their wives' or girlfriends' chests even as they underestimate the size of their wives' or girlfriends' hips.

ClueBat Insults
Thou clouted, clay-brained bum-bailey!

Movie Madness

Madfish Willie's Daily Cuss Words presents the next 10 jewels of swearing:


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I like assmite the best.


Posted by: hln on November 18, 2003 12:20 PM
Let's hear your bullshit

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