Who Would You Kill?

Who Would You Kill: On Start Trek

If you were a writer on the Star Trek TV series, who would you kill off? Why? How?

I would kill off those fuzzy, loveable little tribbles. They were the worst excuse for bad guys ever! And that episode, although always voted as one of the fan favorites, totally sucked. Where was Space Babe Helen for Kirk to hit on for a piece of space ass? Where was Ensign Dead Meat and how did he die? Where was the ugly alien mofo that Kirk kicks the shit out of? I mean... fuck a tribble. What the g-ddamn hell was a tribble anyway? Just a furry piece of crap that could only eat, shit, and fuck. They should have been crushed with a sledge hammer and then beamed out into the cold vaccum of deep space, never to be seen or heard from again. The same goes for that goofy jerk-off who brought the fucking things to the Enterprise in the first place! [In space, no one can hear you scream.] However, in his next appearance, he brought three really hot space babes in really short skirts to the Enterprise for the Captain! So, maybe we give him a pass on beaming him out, but we still smash his balls with the sledge hammer!

Check out these characters and their horrible demises that their fans, and we use this term very loosely, have plotted for them!

Click down to see the current tally of who gets killed and how many times they die a gruesome death!

Then, link on over to the site and read about the various ways Star Trek fans have killed off their least favorite characters! [For some strange reason, Uhura always seems to be involved in a kinky sex scene with Capt Kirk... what's up with that?]


The Death Toll

7326: Captain Kirk
7314: Uhura
3947: damn tribbles
3505: Mr. Spock
2212: USS Enterprise
2098: Bones McCoy
1970: Checkov
1941: Captain Sulu
1864: Scotty
32,177: Total Votes


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Hrmmm... after reading the ways the fans expressed their methods, I think I'll approach Connie duToit's "Education Do-Over" project with renewed dedication when it comes back up. ;]

Scary to think that that's what we're breeding for Trekkies these days. *snicker*

Posted by: Ironbear on November 8, 2003 01:16 PM

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