And The Winner Is...

Voting for Madfish Willie's Ultimate Blogger Recipe Contest is over!

First of all, I would like to say Thank You to all the bloggers who submitted a recipe for this contest. There were many fine recipes, and I will have some fun testing many of these out personally. It was a really tough job to narrow the list down to the Top Ten for final voting.

The Madfish Willie's Ultimate Blogger Recipe Contest winner was... [ drum roll to build the tension ] Acidman from Gut Rumbles.

Here is a look at the final voting:

Poll Results
Best Blogger Cocktail Recipe

Moneytov Cashtail 8%5
Black Martini 5%3
Venom & Blight 8%5
Fire Water 6%4
Malpractice 0%0
Big Stick Whack! 5%3
Gut Rumble 26%16
Moonlight on Water 19%12
Antarctic Cosmopolitan 18%11
Cool Colorado Conservative 5%3
62 votes total

Acidman wins a bottle of his favorite liquor for submitting this recipe:
Gut Rumble
Make your own moonshine.
Distill it on the back porch and catch it in Mason jars.
Put a quart of that skullbuster in the freezer for a day or two.
Remove jar and pour two fingers of that cold likker into a clear glass.
Drink it down all at once.
Enjoy the fire in the belly, the tingle in the toes and the feeling of your hair standing on end.
Repeat as necessary until you are face-down on the floor, or arrested for running around nekkid and howling at the moon.
Acidman actively campaigned his readers to come over and Vote, and they did, resulting in what I'm told by Straight White Guy as an Acidbath. He sent over 350-400 visitors to my site! Three cheers for Acidman!

For a look at the complete Blogger Recipe list go here. I'll update this list so it will be easier to view. If I get enough secondary recipes in the comments, I'll run another voting for the same prize!

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WAAAAAAH! 0%?! 0% for my Malpractice? It was RIGGED! RIGGED, I tell you! *sniffle*

Oh well, I guess I should have added the part where you put it into an enema bag and... ;-)


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons on November 2, 2003 05:47 PM