Greatest Hitters Ever

Madfish Willie's Greatest Hitter Ever - #11 Mickey Mantle

• 1956: American League Triple Crown
• 1956: American League Most Valuable Player
• 1957: American League Most Valuable Player
• 1962: American League Gold Glove at OF
• 1962: American League Most Valuable Player
• 1999: Named to All-Century Team (OF)

Mickey Mantle ranks among the leading home run hitters in baseball history. Mantle hit 536 home runs, as a switch hitter, in regular season play. He spent his entire major league career with the New York Yankees, from 1951 through 1968, and played center field for most of his career. Towards the end of his career, he played first base.

Mantle led the American League in home runs four times. He was named the most valuable player in the American League three times. Mantle hit 18 World Series home runs, which is probably a record that will never be broken. Unlike most sluggers, he had great speed. However, various leg injuries reduced Mantle's base running effectiveness during the 1960's.

Did you know... that Mickey Mantle was named after future Hall of Fame catcher Gordon "Mickey" Cochrane?

Here are his complete career statistics

Here are his top 15 productive seasons according to the Madfish Willie Index:


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