Bestofme Symphony

Jim from Snooze Button Dreams is doing a Best Of... compilation for old posts from bloggers and blogerettes.

Here is the lowdown:

This post compilation meme is structured like the Carnival of the Vanities but concentrates on the best posts from the history of weblogs. Post submission criteria are very simple. The post must be at least 2 months old and the submitter must think it is a very good post. How easy is that? is the address for submissions. Submissions should include the following:

Post Title
Post Permalink
Author's Name (or handle)
Weblog Name (if not obvious from the link)
Submitter's Name/Handle (if different from Author)
Description of post and/or why this post is being submitted (That is, what about this post makes you think it is one of the best from the weblog).

The only absolutely required item is the permalink. Other items may be left blank on the Bestofme Symphony post if they aren't provided with the submission. That could mean less people will go to read the post so submitters are encouraged to include as much of the info as possible.

Note that submissions do not have to come from the author so readers and lurkers with or without their own weblogs may contribute.

Deadline for submissions for each week's Symphony are Sunday at midnight (Eastern Standard Time) and a new Symphony will be posted each Monday. Submissions are accepted 24 x 7 so any that come in after the cutoff will appear in the next week's symphony.

So get with the program and send Jim your best posts of the past.

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Thanks for plugging the meme!

A submission or two would be cool too... ;-)

Posted by: Jim on December 3, 2003 12:36 PM