King of the Blogs: New Contest

The Challenge
Impress the judges and beat five other blogs to get the prize.
... then keep it...

The Prize

Pretenders to the Throne
Dr. Adrian Warnock
Anger Managment
The Commissar
Evangelical Outpost

The Judges
Madfish Willie
Rick's Cafe
King of Fools

The Host
Patriot Paradox

The Location
The url for the event is

The Rules
The blogs who enter will have to have a piece turned in by the deadline given to compete. The judges will of course judge those pieces, and post on their blogs their decision for the three blogs that will go on the first week, and the second week the winning blog.

1. The winners each week will be based on the favorites as voted by blogs throughout the blogosphere.

2. Each two weeks a new tournament will begin. All participants will be randomly picked from those who signed up to compete.

3. On the first day of the tournament all participants will be introduced and the contest begins.

4. The final winner each two weeks will advance to the next tournament automatically to try for a repeat win.

5. Entries are posts that the individual blogger will write and choose to put in the competition. If a blogger does not have entry in by due date they are disqualified, unless extenuating circumstance warrents (this would be up to the tournament judges)

6. A group of two judges and one rotating judge will be in place to judge the entered blogs.

7. The contest will begin each two weeks with 6 entered blogs. From those the judges will pick three to go on to the final. From the final three one will win.

9. The rotating judge will be determined each week from past contestants that choose to be entered for possible judgeship. All judges are considered "sponsers". Those that "sponser" will have their logo on the top of the tournament posts.

10. The winner will be given an image to place on their website showing they won and will be placed in the sidebar at the site as the winner for the month they won.

11. To qualify to enter and compete the blogs must be lower then a large mammal in the ecosystem at The Truth Laid Bear as of the first day of the tournament they are entering. Two winners per month. All results will be posted at the Patriot Paradox.

Entries must be in by 10 am on Tuesday. I will then post all the entries on Patriot Paradox, and email them to the judges. The judges will need to have chosen by Friday at 5pm on the ones they like. I will post sometime before Sunday on who made it to the final round. Those blogs who made it will then have to have their final entries in by 10am on Tuesday and same thing happens. If you win the whole thing we will all post on our blogs that you won, and you will automatically go to the next competition. Any questions? Email me and ask.

The next tournament will begin December 9, 2003 and we will need 6 new contestants.

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Not to shit stir (well actually that's exactly what I'm doing) but have you checked Don's Ecosystem rating recently ...

Posted by: rob on November 21, 2003 03:56 AM

At the date of his acceptance into the event his ranking was 391, which was pretty borderline, but still acceptable. Granted he passed into large mammalhood, but the recent post I have made at my site, Madfish made here and elsewhere have all put him way over the line.

As of 11-18 however, when I picked the first blogs he was ranked 391.

Posted by: Nick Queen on November 21, 2003 04:47 AM

thats cool, I just wanted to get that out of the way before Victor spotted it!

Posted by: rob on November 21, 2003 06:39 AM

What is this inanity? Have I sanctioned such? I think not! Cease and desist with crownin' any royalty! ;)

Posted by: Tiger on November 21, 2003 07:36 AM

Good Point. Anyways, this was where i met her. You can join for free as well

Posted by: click here on March 12, 2005 03:20 AM

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Posted by: abay on June 20, 2005 11:44 PM