Marine Corps

I just read this post over at Straight White Guy. It is about the birth of the Marine Corps that happened in a tavern long ago.

Here is the post in it's entirety:

Tun Tavern Revisited...
228 years ago today, like minded men got together in a bar in Philadelphia. The name of the joint was Tun Tavern, and the year was 1775. After much drinking, political conversation, pinching of the serving wench's buttocks, and a few bar brawls, the gentlemen present created the Marine Corps.

....and Marines around the world continue to follow in the sterling footsteps of their forebearers...

Happy Birthday to ALL of my brothers and sisters!! Semper Fidelis!

Happy Marine Corps Birthday to all the brave men who have fought, lived and died for the precious gift we call Freedom!


Update #1: This is too good not to include with this post!

Cheers again Eric, my friend!

Update #2: A tribute to Eric's family members who served.

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Thanks, Barkeep...looks like I owe YOU a beer now!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Posted by: Eric on November 11, 2003 06:24 AM