New Blog Showcase

For the New Blog Showcase at NZ Bear's this week, there are two parts - one political and one everything else.

My the everything else category vote goes to Rocket Penguin. I linked this post: Who Da Pope! after he first wrote it about a month ago. I liked it then, I like it now. Here is an excerpt fromhis list of objectives as Pope:

I will abolish grape juice for the whole communion thing. Come one you've got to sit through a few hours of church. The least the church can do is give you a real shot. The blood of Christ should really pack more of a kick than grape juice. I've never actually been to catholic church so if it's not grape juice, I'll see your wine and raise you tequila.
Now, that's my kind of Pope!

My vote for the political category goes to Semi-Intelligent Thoughts for his post No Offense about political correctness. Here is an excerpt to wet your whistle:

The goal of political correctness is to make everyone feel safe and comfortable, and the cardinal sin in PC world is to "offend" or "alienate" somebody. However, this just doesn't work. Realistically, if the entire world was politically correct, we would have to live in a pluralistic, omniracial, androgynous society where nobody could use adjectives or make any statements implying the superiority of something.

Honorable mention vote goes to Mr Cranky's A Halloween Story post.

Now go over the The Bear's and poke around the new bloggers' entries and find some other stuff you like besides Madfish Willie's!

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Thanks for the vote. When I become pope you can run the wet bar at the vatican.

Posted by: Ross on November 7, 2003 11:52 AM

The Catholic church has always been adept at taking the local customs they couldn't surpress and making them it's own. So I think each communion shot should be regional. Tequila for the south of the border catholics, Poteen (pronounced poiCheen) for the Irish, wine for the italians etc...
Anyway, you got my vote too Ross :)

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