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May 15, 2004

Argghhh!!! - Final Design

Above is a screen capture of the final design presented and approved by Castle Argghhh!!.

This is a site we did for Pam's buddy Sir John of Argghhh!!!. She is, after all, the Imperial Animatrix. We also did his wife, Beth's, site at She Who Will Be Obeyed!.

Sir John is ex-military and wanted a militaru schem. We decided we wanted to do something with a desert camoflage background and pick some complimentary colors for the rest of the design. Finding a pattern that tiled on the page properly was THE major boggle in completing this design.

The graphics on this site are just awesome. Pam did several different page banners with cannons and machine guns and stuff like. Then she did some small banners for the comments and trackback windows. I just can't say how talented I think she is. She always comes up with awesome stuff. I'll put all her Argghhh!! in another post so you can see them all.

Site Features:

  • Custom 3 column design
  • Custom banner/logos
  • Custom graphics for post background
  • Custom archive pages logos
  • Custom comment pages logos
  • Custom trackback page logo
  • Custom sidebar background images
  • Custom archive page designs
  • Custom comment page designs
  • Custom trackback page design
  • Custom display trackback pings code
  • Custom Authored By / Date coding
  • Installed rotating banner image scripts on all pages
  • Installed Chris Muir's Day by Day cartoon script in a featured position
  • Expanding & collapsing extended entry scripts
  • Expanding & collapsing comments viewer scripts

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