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About this section...

In the left column are links to pages with samples of image creations and compilations by pamibe Graphics.

Some sites have several images that have a similar look and feel. These images were most likely used as part of a script that selects a different banner image each time the page in accessed or refreshed.

Displayed on each site specific page:

  • Large banner images for the Main Index Template.
  • Large banner images for the Archives Templates .
  • Small banner images for the Comment Templates.
  • Small banner images for the Trackback Template..
  • Background images for the blogbody.
  • Miscellaneous images for that site.
  • Sidebar navigation is consistent throughout the site.

  • Top button which links back to home page.
  • Portfolio Division lists links to each section's page.
  • Portfolio section's page lists links to pages with site samples.
  • Services Divison lists links to each service section offered.
  • Service section's page will outline the service offered.